Earn $300 for passing an NYC x Freshman Year for Free course and CLEP exam by Thanksgiving!

This Fall Special ends on Thanksgiving (Thursday, November 25, 2021).

Join hundreds of other NYC students and earn $300 and free college credit by the Thanksgiving (11/25/21) deadline.

If you’ve already started a course, complete it and pass a CLEP exam by the deadline to earn $300.

If you start a new course, work hard and pass the course and a CLEP exam by Thanksgiving to earn $300 and free college credit.

Feeling motivated? Pass two courses and two CLEP exams by Thanksgiving to earn $600.

Our goal is to help you earn as much free college credit as possible.


We’re rooting for you to succeed!
The NYC x Freshman Year for Free Team

How Do I Earn the $300 Reward?
NYC x Freshman Year for Free participants need to complete any of our courses, including the practice questions, and request a voucher (so you can take the exam for free!).
Pass the corresponding CLEP exam (a score of 50 or higher) and you’ve earned $300!

How many times can I get paid?
You can get paid $300 for every course and corresponding CLEP exam you pass through Thanksgiving. Our goal is to help you earn as much college credit as possible – pass more exams and collect more rewards!

How do I find a test center?
Test centers that offer the CLEP exam are open throughout New York City and around the country. To find a CLEP test center, please click here to search on The College Board website.

What if I’ve already taken an exam? Am I still eligible?
Yes, you will earn a $300 reward for each CLEP exam you pass from now until Thanksgiving.

What if I have other questions about this increased reward?
Please email us directly and we’ll be happy to answer your questions: rewardincrease@nyc.modernstates.org

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