How does NYC x Freshman Year for Free work?

NYC x Freshman Year for Free offers free, high-quality online courses taught by college professors that prepare you for CLEP exams offered by the College Board. CLEP is accepted for credit at over 2,900 colleges and universities – including SUNY and some CUNY schools. A passing score on the exams (each participating college decides what scores you need for credit) can earn you real college credit and enable you to save tuition dollars. You can take one course or many.
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How do I participate in NYC x Freshman Year for Free?

First, check your eligibility and then register for an account. From there, enroll in the course or courses you wish to take. All materials are free and NYC high school teachers and counselors will serve as tutors and mentors. They are available to address your questions and concerns. After you complete all the coursework, including the videos, textbook, and practice questions, request a voucher and register to take your CLEP exam(s) at an authorized testing center.
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How do I know if I am eligible for NYC x Freshman Year for Free?

Only students in the Classes of 2020, 2021, and 2022 from participating NYC-area schools are eligible to participate in the NYC x Freshman Year for Free program. TheDream.US Scholars may also enroll. Learners who enroll in the program but do not meet the eligibility requirements, will be informed that they are ineligible to receive tutoring services or stipends. They may, however, register directly at ModernStates.org.
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What high schools are participating in NYC x Freshman Year for Free?

  • Bronx Academy of Health Careers
  • Bronx Academy of Letters
  • East Bronx Academy for the Future
  • Herbert H. Lehman High School
  • High School for Health, Education and Research Opportunities High School (HERO)
  • KIPP New York City College Prep High School
  • Laboratory School of Finance and Technology
  • Metropolitan Lighthouse Charter School
  • Renaissance High School for Musical Theater and The Arts
  • South Bronx Preparatory School
  • TYWLS Bronx
  • The Bronx Latin School
  • The Collegiate Institute for Math and Science
  • The Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science
  • Brooklyn High School of the Arts
  • Brooklyn Lab School
  • Brooklyn Studio Secondary School
  • George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School
  • Mesa Charter High School
  • TYWLS Brooklyn
  • Central Park East High School
  • Frederick Douglas Academy II
  • High School for Health Professions and Human Services
  • I Have A Dream Foundation
  • Lower Manhattan Arts Academy (LOMA)
  • Park East High School
  • TYWLS East Harlem
  • The Heritage School
  • The High School for Environmental Studies
  • Union Square Academy for Health Sciences
  • Urban Assembly School for the Performing Arts
  • Academy for Careers in Television & Film (TvF)
  • Epic North High School
  • Forest Hills High School
  • Jamaica Gateway to the Sciences
  • Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School
  • New York Edge

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Can I earn college credit if I take a course but not the related exam?

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Which Modern States courses are included in NYC x Freshman Year for Free?

Course offerings include:

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Is there a test fee for CLEP exams?

Yes. The College Board charges $89 to take each of the CLEP exams. NYC x Freshman Year for Free will pay the test fee for you via a voucher.
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I read the program will pay for my CLEP exam(s). How does this work?

Once you have completed the course(s), you must submit a voucher request form. Upon successful verification, learners will be provided with a voucher code to register for a CLEP exam.
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How do I collect my stipend?

You will need to request your stipend here. This form will accept your score information and require you to upload your test results. For learners who score less than a 50 on an approved exam, a $50 stipend will be included with the test center reimbursement check. For learners who score a 50 or greater on an approved exam, a stipend of $150 will be included with the test center reimbursement check.

If you retake an exam (and already received a $50 stipend), an additional stipend of $100 will be paid if you achieve a score of 50 or greater. Eligible exams are those which directly correlate with the courses offered through NYC x FYFF.
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What type of support is offered to program participants?

Shortly after enrolling in the program, learners will be assigned a mentor, who will be a counselor or teacher from their high school. This mentor will encourage them to stay on track with the courses, and highlight available resources, like the tutor Zoom sessions, and advise them throughout the length of the program.
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Do all colleges offer credit for successful performance on CLEP exams?

Thousands of colleges offer credit for CLEP, but not all. Every college sets its own scoring and credit standards regarding granting college credit based on CLEP exam results. Some colleges, for example, only allow students to opt out of introductory level courses based on successful test results.
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How can I find out if the colleges I am considering accept CLEPs for credit?

Click here to find out how individual colleges and universities treat CLEP exams.
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Who can I contact to ask questions about CLEP exams?

For CLEP, call 1-800-257-9558 or email clep@info.collegeboard.org (please include your name, address and telephone number).
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How do I receive a test center reimbursement?

To receive a reimbursement you will need to provide the name of the exam taken, the test center fee, a copy of the receipt, your score, and the CLEP voucher code used as payment. The voucher code (three letters followed by a string of numbers) is required to receive a reimbursement.
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