History of the United States I

Early Colonization to 1877

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  • Course Type CLEP
  • Subject History and Social Sciences
  • Level Introductory
  • Length 6 Weeks
  • Effort 4/Week
  • Institution Modern States


It reviews all of the substantive material that is usually taught in the first semester of the two-semester course in the United States history. Our goal as creators of this course is to prepare you to pass the College Board’s CLEP examination and obtain college credit for free.

Through the guidance of Dr. Elvin T. Ramos, this course will cover the period of United States history from early European colonization to the end of Reconstruction, with the majority of the questions on the period of 1790 through 1877.

“History of the United States I: Early Colonization to 1877” is a completely self-paced course. It has no prerequisites and it is offered entirely for free.


  • Elvin T. Ramos, Ph.D.

    Dr. Elvin T. Ramos currently teaches history at St. John’s University, City University of New York, and School of Visual Arts in New York City. From 2010-2014, Dr. Ramos served as the Assistant Dean and Interim Chair at Metropolitan College of New York located in downtown New York City. He is the founder, president, and the chief executive officer at Global Tassels. As president and CEO, he is responsible for leading the development and execution of the organization’s growth, short term, and long term strategic plans. Dr. Ramos is a committed facilitator of change and a stapled believer of serving others through community work.

    He teaches courses in World History, United States History, Social Sciences, Urban Studies, and Global Development. His field of research is in the history of world poverty and his special interest lies in finding ways to help eradicate world poverty in concert with the efforts of modernization, globalization, and international development. He has presented his research at the Romanian Institute of Orthodox Theology and Spirituality and at the Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities in Osaka and Kobe, Japan. He was involved in Middle States Commission on Higher Education participating in the accreditation processes of Universidad Metropolitana in 2012 and Escuela de Artes Plasticas in 2013 both located in Puerto Rico.

    In 2006, he received his baccalaureate degree in political science and history and in 2007 his masters in education both from Adelphi University. Finally, he graduated with his doctorate in history from St. John’s University in 2010.

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